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  • Ouch — (ouch), n. [OE. ouch, nouche (a nouch being taken for an ouch: cf. {Adder}), fr. OF. nusche, nosche, nousche, buckle, clasp, LL. nusca, fr. OHG. nusca, nuscha.] A socket or bezel holding a precious stone; hence, a jewel or ornament worn on the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Ouch — may refer to: An interjection that denotes pain (Obsolete jewellery term): a socket that a precious stone fits in Organization for Understanding Cluster Headaches, or OUCH Ouch, a 2008 single by London hip hop group N Dubz that appears on their… …   Wikipedia

  • ouch — ☆ ouch1 [ouch ] interj. [echoic of natural cry] used to express sudden pain ouch2 [ouch] n. [< ME (a n)ouche < OFr nousche < Frank * nuskja, brooch, akin to OHG nusca, a clasp < IE base * ned , to twist together > NET1] 1. a clasp… …   English World dictionary

  • ouch — [autʃ] interjection [Date: 1600 1700; Origin: Natural sound] a sound that you make when you feel sudden pain ▪ Ouch! That hurt! …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • ouch — [ autʃ ] interjection SPOKEN used for expressing a feeling of sudden pain: Ouch! That really hurts! …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • ouch — 1837, from Pennsylvania German outch, cry of pain, from Ger. autsch. The Japanese word is itai. Latin used au, hau …   Etymology dictionary

  • ouch — ► EXCLAMATION ▪ used to express pain. ORIGIN natural exclamation …   English terms dictionary

  • Ouch! — For the 1967 British film, see Ouch! (film). Ouch! Studio album by Lake Released 1980 (Germ …   Wikipedia

  • ouch — [[t]a͟ʊtʃ[/t]] EXCLAM People say ouch when they suddenly feel pain. She was barefoot and stones dug into her feet. Ouch, ouch, she cried. Syn: ow …   English dictionary

  • ouch — interjection /ˈaʊtʃ,æɔ̹ˀʧ/ a) An expression of ones own physical pain. Ouch! You stepped on my toe! That hurt! b) An expression in sympathy at anothers pain. Ouch! Her sunburn looks awful. Syn: ow …   Wiktionary

  • Ouch — something that hurts, especially financially: But the $500 fine was the big ouch …   Dictionary of Australian slang

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